Hallo Community,


wie mir heute zu Ohren kam, sind sämtliche DayZ Server down.

Das wird damit etwas zu tun haben, das die Founder ein neues Update für die DayZ Standalone raus bringen.


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Hier habe ich für euch nun den Offizielle Changelog [IN ENGLISCH] vom DayZ Update 0.47 [Stable] :::






Known issues:

  • Player can in rare circumstances enter a state in which they cannot attack and must relog
  • Character may temporarily enter a frozen state when throwing (resolved a few seconds)
  • Melee targeting is off in some situations
  • Players can in some circumstances experience slight desync with server
  • Dynamic server events are temporarily disabled
  • Backpacks rearrange after reconnection
  • Players restrained while unconscious remained restrained until reconnection (after awaking)
  • Persistent items & storage are disabled server side pending hot fix to stable branch


  • Actions: cans can be opened with SKS bayonet and sickle
  • Actions: added playerDrinkCan action to config
  • Actions: added Melee class to SurvivorBase
  • Animations: New default aimed animations with rifle
  • Animations: Player now can walk while surrender
  • Animations: Transitions for surrender/restrained player
  • Animations: Crouched zombie animation set
  • Animations: Reload for CZ527
  • Animations: Hand poses added for matchbox, Injection Vial, Hacksaw
  • Animations: Drinking from can
  • Character: New female face models
  • Character: New male face models
  • Engine: Ragdoll support for Zombies & Players
  • Engine: Initial implementation of navmesh for zombie pathfinding
  • Items: Boonie hat fishing hook storage
  • Items: Chemlights
  • Items: AK101
  • Items: CR 527
  • Items: Makarov
  • Items PM 73 RAK
  • Items: Medium Civilian Tent
  • Items: Paramedic clothes (jacket and pants)
  • Items: Military Boots now store knives
  • Items: Red, Black, Polka dotted, Olive and Camo bandana added
  • Items: Untied Red, Black, Polka dotted, Olive and Camo bandana added
  • Recipes : Red, Black, Polka dotted, Olive and Camo as a bandage
  • Recipes: Red, Black, Polka dotted, Olive and Camo bandanas can be untied and tied to mask
  • Server: Persistent item support (disabled for this update)
  • Server: Simulation changes to support increased server performance
  • Server: Persistent storage support (disabled for this update)
  • World: Turovo village added (2)



  • Actions: Player is not able to fill a ruined canteen from well.
  • Actions: When player opens ruined canned food there is low amount of food left.
  • Actions: Player is not able to pour water from a ruined canteen.
  • Actions: Player can no long empty magazine attached to a weapon
  • Actions: No access to catch rain action during ongoing action
  • Actions: Fishing actions displayed while using different items than rod
  • Actions: Added missing part to improvised bag/backpack crafting messages in action menu
  • Actions: Zucchini can be force fed
  • Actions: Added new drink from well animation to blue well
  • Actions: Unable to use actions while swimming or while on ladder
  • Actions: Player can take Makarov into hands straight from ground
  • Actions: Player can take PM73 RAK into hands straight from ground
  • Actions: Removing item on which consume action was called, not item which was swapped to hands during consume action
  • Animals: Visual improvement of cow, rabbit and wildboar
  • Animations: Gestures related bugs fixed (Facepalm, Cut throat, Silence)
  • Animations: Crouch moves with bow
  • Animations: Prone moves with pistol
  • Animations: Fixed multiple issues with vaulting
  • Animations: Zucchini handheld position
  • Animations: SoundEdge(footstep sounds) set correctly for kneel run with rifle
  • Animations: Face-palm doesn't make the player stand up from prone anymore
  • Animations: Sitting tweaked (changing weapons keeps player in kneel, instead of making them stand....)
  • Items: Dimmed fireplace light so it not interfere with HDR
  • Items: tweaked shotguns dispersions and recoils
  • Items: tweaked pistols dispersions
  • Items: tweaked rifles, carbines and SMGs dispersions
  • Items: tweaked attachments (optics, buttstocks, handguards, compensators, bipod) dispersions
  • Items: Wooden sticks can be held in hands
  • Items: CR527 shadow glitch fixed
  • Items: set chemlight to last 60 minutes
  • Items: lowered light intensity for chemlights and flare
  • Items: removed buttstock as default spawned attachment for MP5
  • Item: Binoculars size reduced
  • Items: added other chemlight color material variants
  • Modifiers: removed vomit message from blinded modifier
  • Recipes: You can paint cz572 black, green and camo
  • Recipes: Player can't tear clothing into rags while there are things in it
  • Recipes: Ruined cans opening tweaked



  • Animation: Added 3 new gestures; F8-Face Palm, F9-Cut your throat, and F10-Hush
  • Animal: New Deer Model (Red Deer)
  • Files: Added Config files for the Flare Gun
  • Files: Added PBO files for weapon wraps and 2 vehicles
  • Gear: Added Pilotka Military Cap (1)
  • Gear: Added Tracksuit Jacket
  • Gear: Added Tanker Helmet
  • Action: Two handed Items can now be thrown.
  • Animation: Added new crawling Animation
  • Animation: Changed the animation for filing bottles at water pumps. It now uses the same animation as catching water in the rain.
  • Crafting: Fireplace Kits can now be crafted with Books
  • Gear: Books inventory icon has been flipped to show the cover.
  • Gear: Spite" Renamed to "Spite Lemon Lime"
  • Gear: Fixed a consumables duplication exploit
  • Gear: Added a description to the Crossbow and the AKM
  • Gear: Flipped the model of the Matchbox upwards
  • Lighting: Added new flash effects for hitting metal
  • Loot: Deer Stands now spawn loot
  • Movement: Fixed a glitch related to walking up hills
  • Weapons: Flipped the Hacksaw upwards
  • Weapons: MP5-K can now be chambered without a mag
  • The map shows the location of the player in yellow in regular mode""



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